January's Local Author, Janet Little

Questions for Janet

Q: What is one thing I want people to know about my book?

A: It is a book written out of love.

It has been designed specifically for my target readers inside and out. The paper for front and back covers was specifically chosen to be matte, silky, and soft to the touch knowing that the material inside may be tough and challenging for the heart. The smooth white paper inside was picked for the same reason, to be bright and light to look at, soft to the touch and the font sized to accommodate tired or tear-filled eyes. I have been asked if it contains graphic abuse details and it does NOT. My disclaimer is that there is no way to present a story of childhood sexual abuse in a manner that won’t bring up reminders for those who have been through it or abrupt and perhaps disturbing awareness for those who have not.

My memoir has been and is recommended and referred by survivors, psychologists, law enforcement and those working through AND in areas of trauma and recovery.

Q: Why did you become a writer?

A: I wasn’t planning on publishing this material in the form of a book or any other way. 12 years before I published, I was gathering up my journals, voice recordings and other written materials I’d saved from my time in therapy to destroy them when I heard a resounding “you will write a book”. My response was to laugh out loud, pffftt and “ya right.” But I knew enough already to know that I had to trust the voice and prepare. Over the next years I transcribed each word and waited for the time. During that period, it became obvious to me why I was called to do such a thing. And I share just a couple of lines from the introduction of my book:

“My purpose in sharing all of this is to let you and others know you are not alone. There is freedom in acknowledging and addressing your abuse….

If sharing my story can give courage to or in some way encourage or influence even one person to seek the freedom and joy that exists on the other side of their past, then my purpose is complete.”.

My book contains personal journal entries and insight into my mind, that of a childhood sexual abuse survivor fighting to get back the life I knew I deserved.

Q: Do you have any advise for new and upcoming authors and illustrators?

A: Yes, find a person or two you know will encourage you in your work. Ones that truly have your back and want you to succeed. If you have a vision for your work do not let anyone else tell you it isn’t possible or that you aren’t the writer type or advise you on what you should do unless they already have done it, have had good success and can be a valuable mentor for you. Share your dream with those who totally support it. On the days you wonder why you are doing it, getting down, feeling inadequate, or feel as though it will never happen, you will want that person or persons there to encourage you and give you back that spark and hope you had for it in the first place when it was a dream and not so much tedious work that may not be going your way at that particular time. Choose carefully in every area of your life for people like this not just as a writer. That is my best advise.