February's Local Author, Nicole Brook

Questions for Nicole

Q: What is one thing I want people to know about my book?

A: Those books are relatable to all, not just children. We've all put on a towel and pretended it was a cape or picked up a stick and turned it into a sword. It took little things to spark an adventure and bring us into a whole new world. We stretched our imagination for fun, to learn lessons, and sometimes to escape. This is what Abigail Andrews does. She pushes the boundaries of her imagination which encourages her to gain confidence, be brave and show the world how to be understanding and kind. As children read this series, they are reminded about the power of the imagination in a world of technology. 

Q: Why did you become an author?

A: I struggled to read as a child, until I fell in love with a series that sparked a joy in reading. I always wanted to be behind the pen (or keyboard now!) that inspired and encouraged kids in the same way. My mom was also a teacher for 30 years and she created amazing novel study programs to go along with my favourite book series. When I was in her class, I got to partake in those novel studies and at the end, there was always a section where we could be an author by writing a new ending to the book. Being the ambitious ones, I wrote a whole book for that assignment! It felt so natural and inspiring, that I knew I wanted to keep writing. 

Q:Do you have any advice for new and upcoming authors?

A: Write what you know and what you're passionate about. That will aid your success and ease. Jump every hurdle, learn from mistakes and NEVER take "no" for an answer. You got this.